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HOLOGATE 2.0, 4 Player VR Arena with tons of upgrades and spares

Asking Price $49,000.00 ( )
olegchurgel Irvine, CA US
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  • Item # 296115

At Fire Loop VR, we are planning a strategic transition that involves selling our flagship VR platform, the Hologate 2.0. This platform has consistently been a high performer and a crowd favorite since its introduction in January 2020, making it a valuable addition to any VR-based business. For us it generates $14,000-16,000 monthly

The Hologate 2.0 package we are offering comes with numerous standout features:

  1. Hologate 2.0: A state-of-the-art VR platform known for delivering immersive experiences of unparalleled quality.

  2. Upgraded Charging Rack: Hangers and better magnets for the controllers, so the connections live longer without damage to USB pins

  3. High-Quality Equipment: The package includes upgraded headsets and controllers to offer the best VR experience to users.

  4. Spare Parts: To ensure the smooth running of the platform, we will provide spare headset parts, haptic vests, and some PC parts.

  5. Branded Carpet: Hologate Enhances the branding and overall aesthetics of the platform. Shampoo washed on a regular basis

  6. Integrated CleanBox Solution: For the health and safety of users, we have integrated a hygiene solution with four CleanBoxes, one for each headset. The cost of each CleanBox is around $2,200 (a total value of 4 units of CX1 clean boxes would cost $9,000)

  7. Delivery and assembling: If the buyer is local, we will assist with the disassembly, transfer, setup, and assembly of the platform.

  8. Support from Adamant Systems: Adamant Systems is a software development company, but has a branch that supports VR operators with repairs, warranty replacements, and consultations. Additionally, we are offering a month of consultation and minor repair support from Adamant Systems at no additional cost.

We are prepared to sell the Hologate 2.0 platform with all the features listed above, including delivery and support from Adamant Systems, for a total of $60,000.   dropped to $50,000

Given the platform's proven track record as a significant revenue generator and its enduring popularity among users, this investment promises substantial returns. If you are interested in this exceptional opportunity or have any further queries, please let me know


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